Timeline Vessel Name

Project Detail

1996  Hagbart Waage

 - Guard duties for Geco Prakla vessels in the North Sea

 - Stand-by duties in the North Sea

M/V Guard Valiant

 - Stand-by and rescue vessel

 - She was a stand-by vessel in the North Sea for Statoil (Norway) until 2010

M/V Guard Baltic 

 - Guard vessel - till 2009

 - North Sea for Statoil (Norway)

 - Guard jobs for TGS in Africa, North Sea

1998  M/V Dr. Nansen

 - Vessel was engaged in support/chase operations with CGG seismic vessels in the North Sea, Africa, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil until 2004 (CGG Symphony, CGG Harmattan)

2000 M/V Guard Aleta 

 - worked with Fugro seismic vessels in 2003 - 2009. Areas of operation - Persian Gulf, India, Gulf of Suez, Black Sea, South America and Far East. Operating of Senegal at the moment.

 - Cargo MGO capacity up to 450 m3

2006 - 2010

M/V Tanux I

Co-operation with Tanux Shipping KS

 - From 2006 till 2010 Tanager Offshore co-owned and operated three support vessels of "Tanux" - series. These three vessels were engaged in seismic support operations worldwide supporting Fugro Geoteam vessels. In 2010 TOAS sold its part of Tanux Shipping.

M/V Tanux II
 M/V Tanux III
2008 - Now M/V Guard Celena 

 - Built in 2008

 - Seismic Support vessel

 - Cargo tanks capacity over 800 m3

 - Accomodations - 42 persons (SPS Certified)

 - Operating in East Africa since 2009

M/V Guard Merlin

 - Built in 2008

 - Seismic Support vessel

 - Cargo MGO capacity 500 m3

 - Area of operation - worldwide