Kjell Lundal

Managing Director

Responsible for running the company in accordance with the guidelines from the Board.

Responsible for chartering, insurance yearly evaluation of the Management System;


Rolf Lundal

Technical Manager
Responsible for technical issues for all vessels;

Nancy Shen

QHSE Manager
Responsible for implementation and development of QHSE Management System.

Follow up Non-conformance reports and other QHSE Related reports from ships;


Natalia Shuvatova

HR Manager
Responsible for crewing and maintaining crew certificates database.

Responsible for arranging crew change logistics;


Dmitry Shuvatov

Operation Manager
Responsible for operations of ships, Inspections,maintaining vessels in Class Repairs.

Responsible for implementation of procedures in daily operations;


Technical Team:

Fong Kok Lian

Technical Superintendent
Responsible for supervising new ship building project and purchasing ship spare parts;


Jan Erik Aamot

Technical Supervisor
Cooperates with Technical Manager and Operation Manager for ship technical issues;