The most important aspect of our day-to-day business is to achieve and maintain excellence in quality, health, safety, environmental and ethical matters.


The Company is committed to achieving high satisfaction levels for its customers through a Management system while complying with applicable standards and requirements.

The General Manager of the Company carries the ultimate responsibility for the Company’s commitment to Quality.

Each and every employee is expected to be equally committed and to maintain high ethical standards in everything we do.

We believe that quality is a continuous improvement process for which every employee is encouraged to participate actively in this process.
The Management system is applicable to all employees and third parties involved in the Company activities.

We implement effective control mechanisms by means of systematic audits and management reviews to ensure that our Management System remains reliable and up to date.


We are aware of potential health risks which are related to our activities.

Our aim is to prevent occasional diseases and promote health of our employees by creating a healthy and safe working place for them.


It is our strong belief that all accidents and injuries can be prevented. We work to ensure safe working practices during every activity on board our ships.

We encourage our employees to report all unsafe conditions and acts and that they all have right and duty to refuse an unsafe work.

We require contractors working on our behalf to apply to our HSE standards.


It is the Company Policy to conduct its business in a manner that assures minimal impact on the environment through careful compliance with relevant laws and regulations, efficient use of natural resources, waste reduction and continuous crew training in pollution prevention.

Tananger Offshore have established procedures and practices to protect the environment during our business activities, onshore and offshore, along with effective control measures.

We promote environmental management process and staff awareness and positive attitude towards pollution prevention issues.

We defined that the Master has overriding authority and the responsibility to make decision with respect to safety and pollution prevention and that he is to request the Company’s assistance as may be required.