Our goal is zero harm, accident or loss.

A high HSE level in our organization will increase our ability to compete in the market and is therefore an important factor in gaining profit and growth.

It is our goal and policy, that outer and inner environment, people’s health, safety and security shall be taken care of in accordance to requirements of the authority. Our HSE management system and documents are established in accordance with the requirements of the ISM-code, and other statutory requirements and international standards. We recognize Risk Assessment as a key instrument in achieving this goal through identifying hazards and environmental aspects and minimize risks that could cause injury, ill health or significant environmental impacts. It is the duty of each employee to immediately report to their Supervisor or Manager any hazardous condition, unsafe acts, environmental release or spill, injury, ill health or accidents.

The system is developed with the objective to handle day to day safety management, as well as critical situations the ship and crew may face. The purpose is to prevent injuries to personnel and loss of lives, and form a safe guard against pollution to inner and outer environment.

It is the management’s objective and expectations that all employees do their utmost to protect Tananger Offshore AS and our client’s value.

It is expected from all employees to take responsibility for their own actions by keeping himself familiar with our management system and apply to systems requirements in their daily work.

The Captain has a particular responsibility for safe operation of the vessel. He has a special responsibility and authority to accomplish necessary steps in order to secure safe operations according to the management system. The Captain has responsibility for implementing of our management system on board the ship. He shall monitor daily compliance, identify danger and report deviation to the responsible person in the onshore organization, in order to accomplish continuous improvement in our activity.

Designated Person onshore shall monitor compliance for each ship in all stages of the management including shore based operations. He shall support and encourage the personnel to comply with our requirements.

Alcohol and drugs are a threat to safe operations. Regulations for such and the consequences of abuse shall be informed to all employees.

All shipping related employees in Tananger Offshore AS shall know this document



Kjell Lundal
Managing Director


01 July 2013